some people believe that it is a good idea to share as much information as possible in scientific

Technology revolution made easy to acquire and share information in various field such as scientific research, business, academic studies. Where some kind of information can be vital and highly confidential which has to confined to the researchers cannot be disclosed freely. Easy and free access of data can be beneficial to the world as it promotes in the growth of the Individual as well as the society. people who has the zeal to do something new research and creative things in various sectors has the financial problems to secure necessary knowledge. However when the information is free there is no barrier for them in their progress. For instance, the is plethora of information available about the cancer in the internet which allowed a poor physician from finland named Dr Alex invented a pill which cure the skin cancer which helps the whole world.

Many people whose job is to research and create analysis of the information. If they are not paid enough they are no longer tend produce the information in the science. In addition to this there are some research areas such as pharmaceuticals and nuclear power where the information is very sensitive and cannot be disclosed easily. This types of information go in the wrong hands can be devastating for society. For instance, last year an act of terror occurred because some criminals were able to learn how to make explosives using free information on the internet. This clearly should not be permissible, and for this reason alone, not all information should be free to access for everyone.

In conclusion, for Global progress the information has to be shared free. whereas there should be some restrictions in reaching the data which is highly sensitive and have negative impact on society.
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the three pie charts below show the changes in annual spending by a particular uk school in 1981, some people believe that studying at university or college is the best route to a successful the table below gives informatio on uk acid rain emissions, measured in million tonns from four nowadays more and more people are spending less time at home why do you think it happens what obesity is a serious problem in many countries, especially in rich countries. some people say that the government should not put money on building theaters and sports stadium. in the past, sporting champions used to be motivated primarily by the desire to win a match or in the past, when students did a university degree, they tended to study in their own country. the chart below shows the percentage change in the share of international students among university it is commonly believed that nowadays main factors that affect a child's development are media, in your opinion, what has been the most significant transportation of the past 200 years? some people think that the best way to reduce crime is to give longer prison sentences. governments should spend money on railways rather than roads. according to a recent study, the more time people use the internet, the less time they spend blood sports have become a hot topic for debate in recent years. a growing number of people feel that animals should not be exploited by people and that they many people believe that social networking sites (such as facebook) have had a huge negative employment in freedonia by sex in 6 sectors in 1975 and 1995. should the international community do more to tackle the threat of global warming? percentage change in taxation and consumer credit and consumer spending in the uk some peolpe feel that boarding schools are an excellent option for children, while other people some people believe that sports have an important role in society. the graphs show changes in spending habits of people in the uk between 1971 and 2001 the chart below gives information about science qualifications held by people in two countries. it is believed that women are more suited to child-rearing than men. certain parents believe that good parenting means constantly being involved in the lives of their at the present time, the population of some countries includes a relatively large number of young the chart below shows information about the favorite subjects of 60 students from two schools, countries around the world will be facing significant challenges relating not only to the environment in the future, more people will choose to go on holiday in their own country and not travel abroad what are the reasons for students’ low attendance in online lessons at universities? some people think books are losing importance as a source of information and entertainment. the chart below show the main reasons for study among students of different age groups and the the illustrations shows the how chocolate is produced. due to sophisticated technology, children do not respect elder people. many people feel that urban environments are more unhealthy than they have ever been. increasing the price of petrol is the best way to solve growing traffic and pollution problems. some people believe that it is a good idea to share as much information as possible in scientific the line graph shows thefts per thousand vehicles in four countries between 1990 and 1999. modern lifestyles are completely different from the way people lived in the past. with all the problems in the world today, spending money on space exploration is a complete waste. some people think that plastic shopping bags should be banned because they contribute to land should students get limited access to the internet
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